• Future Healthy includes 3 streams of investments – major investments for new programs and a grants program supporting locally-led and state-wide organisations. There is also marketing and communications activity, including advertising.

  • Future Healthy is focused on young Victorians 0-25 years of age, with a focus on those who face greater barriers to good health. Evidence shows that young people have been greatly impacted by events in the last few years. Research also shows that what happens in your younger years goes on to affect longer-term health outcomes.

  • Future Healthy is focused on improving health outcomes for young Victorians 0-25 years of age as evidence shows that young people have been greatly impacted by the events of the last few years. The indirect effects of COVID-19 will be intergenerational so we must support our young people now and help foster healthier outcomes for future generations.

    From a medical point of view, prevention should start from a young age, with research showing that what happens in your younger years goes on to affect longer term health outcomes.

    When gathering community stories related to Future Healthy, we want to make sure people are able to provide fully informed consent. That’s why we’ve only asked for young adults 18-25 and the parents of those under 18 to get in touch and share their stories.

  • VicHealth is guided by a 10-year plan (our Action Agenda), which outlines the organisation's strategic imperatives. This plan includes social connection, physical activity and access to healthy food. Evidence shows that the coronavirus pandemic greatly impacted on young people’s ability to socially connect and be physically active, while also uncovering the challenges they face in accessing healthy, affordable and culturally appropriate food.

  • The opportunity to lead a healthy and happy life is not available to all Victorians. Structural barriers are often longstanding and challenging to dismantle. These barriers unjustly impact some communities and without intentional and transformational action, they will continue to hold communities back from living a life that is meaningful to them. 

    Future Healthy aims to build back better and level the playing field for those with poorer health. We know that Victorians living in rural, remote and/or lower socioeconomic areas, people living with disability and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people experience poorer overall health. This gap has widened since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, as these groups, people who were unemployed and those in bushfire-affected communities were greatly affected.

  • VicHealth is committed to ensuring the safety, wellbeing, and best interests of children and young people. To achieve the best outcomes for children and young people who engage with us, we are currently working to ensure our programs and offerings are in line with the Victorian Child Safe Standards.

    We’re only asking for young adults 18-25 and the parents of those under 18 to get in touch and share their stories.

  • We’d love your feedback! Future Healthy is inspired and shaped by the people of Victoria. You know your community better than anyone, and we want to hear your ideas. We’re not afraid to try new things.

  • VicHealth is evolving its Action Agenda to best deliver impact through the final 2 years of the strategy. This evolution is driven by our ongoing consultation, research, and insights and is in response to the changing world around us and the changing needs of communities.

    As we continue to respond to the challenges of bushfires, coronavirus, and a rapidly changing world, collective health and wellbeing has never been more important. And young people have been hardest hit. 

    As we create our new normal, we see opportunity. A once-in-a-generation opportunity to build back better and fairer.

  • At this stage Future Healthy is a 3-year focus and investment, running through until at least 2024.

  • VicHealth is appointing an evaluation partner to measure the impact of the project over the next 3 years.

  • There were a number of funding rounds between 2021-2022. Learn more on our funding page.


  • We have a Future Healthy Guide and social media kit available for you to join the call out for young people’s voices. Soon, we’ll be releasing more resources, and would love to hear what would help you talk about Future Healthy in your community. Let us know by emailing us at [email protected].

  • Future Healthy, launching in September 2021, is an investment of $45 million over 3 years comprising:

    • Make it Happen Grants – focused investments to get important work done in Victorian communities now.
    • Big Difference Grants – supporting new ideas that have huge potential for impact
    • Move the Dial Investments – delivering major programs of work that will move the dial on health challenges.
    • Community-inspired Movement – community conversations, and amplification of these, to ensure the work is inspired by, informed by and shaped by the people of Victoria.
    • Stakeholder support and advice – leveraging knowledge and expertise of our stakeholders and partners to achieve the most impact
    • Evaluation and Learning – monitoring our success, adapting quickly and sharing our learning and insights.
    • Future Healthy is spearheaded by VicHealth but is only possible through the incredible collaboration and contribution of our partners, communities and everyday Victorians.
  • VicHealth will continue to address our 5 strategic imperatives outlined in our Action Agenda.

    There will be a range of work outside of Future Healthy, including our VicHealth Local Government Partnerships, This Girl Can – Victoria, research and our work in limiting the influence of tactics by Harmful Industries (including unhealthy food and drinks, alcohol and gambling) on young people.

  • Future Healthy programs will be designed with a focus on young people who face greater barriers to good health compared to the rest of the population. This includes, but is not limited to, those on a low income, those with culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples, people with a disability, those from rural, regional or bushfire affected areas and LGBTIQ+ communities.

    Here are some examples of the ways Future Healthy will engage with young people facing the greatest barriers to health and wellbeing:

    • Young people from diverse backgrounds will be engaged to codesign programs to ensure VicHealth meets the needs of all young people across the state.
    • VicHealth will work in partnership with 7 peak youth organisations to support engagement with young people all across Victoria, from all different backgrounds.
    • VicHealth will partner with community organisations to ensure we engage and meet the needs of young people facing barriers to good health.
    • Working with partner organisations and Future Healthy community champions to help ensure the voices, experiences and ideas of all young people are heard.
  • Yes, Future Healthy will be delivered across all of Victoria.

    In particular, this campaign will include a focus on people living in rural, regional or bushfire-affected areas
    We will work with local organisations and communities to design and deliver programs that meet the needs of regional and rural Victorian young people and children.