Be Seen. Be Heard.

Ever feel like you’ve got the answers but no one seems to listen? Feel like you’re always being talked at rather than talked to about an issue that means something to you? Whether you’ve got new ideas or negative feedback, when it comes to building a healthier future, it’s time to have your voice heard.

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Share your story

What would help you and your friends, or your children, be better connected, active, enjoy food that’s good for you and the planet and feel great? Tell us your reality and your ideas and let’s build a better future together. We want to hear from all corners of the community, no matter your postcode, bank balance, background or ability.

So if you are 18-25, or a parent or carer of a child, now’s your chance.

Share your story


We’re investing big bucks to support the young people in Victoria get Future Healthy. But what’s the point in us telling you what you need, when in reality we’re not sure? That’s why we want you to tell us.

We want you to be seen and heard, to tell us the good, the bad and the ugly of health in your community. Help shape the solutions of the future. No idea is too big or small.

And no one is better placed than young Victorians and parents to tell us how it is.

Why Now?

Looking after your health and wellbeing, or your children’s, can be tricky at the best of times. Not to mention the not-so-best of times. Times of bushfires, global pandemics, major social upheaval… times like the last few years.

But here’s the thing. With all that change comes a once-in-a-generation opportunity to do things differently. To set up young Victorians with the best shot at a future that’s healthier. Fairer. Better. No matter where you’re from, or how much cash you’ve got in your bank account.

And who better to shape a future that’s healthier for young Victorians than young Victorians themselves, and their parents?

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