Say hello to our 7 Future Healthy Food Hubs partners

We’re on a mission to create healthier communities, right across Victoria.

These 7 Food Hubs represent a major investment in VicHealth’s Future Healthy initiative.

See Food Hubs (VicHealth website)

What are Food Hubs?

Food Hubs are places where communities can access locally produced and healthy foods, together.

To help increase access in regional and urban fringe communities, we’re investing over $4 million across 7 organisations to setup these hubs, provide traineeships and run events for locals to celebrate and learn about diverse food cultures. 

They're set to revolutionise the way we buy, grow and share food!

Food Hub benefits

  • Access to locally produced and healthy foods
  • Paid traineeships for young people in every hub to educate and mobilise their communities and transform our local food systems.
  • Increased opportunities for communities to celebrate, showcase and learn about diverse food cultures.​

Learn more about this investment and check out the 7 Future Healthy Food Hubs at the VicHealth website.

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Our first Move The Dial initiative, helping you deliver affordable, nutritious food with the local flavours of your neighbourhood.  

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