Photo of James, a 24-year-old person (he/him) with short dark brown hair, a moustache, stubble and green eyes. James is wearing a dark charcoal t-shirt with a white background a green plant behind his left shoulder.


Education Support Worker and Welfare Support Officer
I want everyone to have easy access to any fitness opportunity they want, no matter ability or disability or socio-economic group.

A Primary School Education and Welfare Support Officer in a highly diverse area along the Murray River, James loves the inclusive mindset of his community.

"We have a lot of multicultural families here; you feel that community focus wherever you are. I feel the importance of connection," he says.

But James, a below-knee amputee, believes there aren’t enough community activity options offered to kids and young people living in regional Victoria.

"We need to think about what we are providing these kids; we can't just be looking at soccer, football or netball because not everyone likes those sports. They're not 'one size fits all'."

James says, as a child “I never actually accessed the community, went out to meet children my age or participated in anything because I felt disconnected as these were the only options.” 

For James, a healthy future means creating and promoting community activities that everyone can be part of.

This must include people with lower incomes and people with disability: "We need to create more inclusive spaces!"