Photo of Josh, a 20-year-old person (he/him) with short black hair. Josh is wearing a black t-shirt, and is standing at a wooden lookout with a beach in the background.


Civil Construction
Sport doesn’t just keep me fit and healthy, it's also a good social platform where you can meet other great people along the way.

For Josh, a proud Aboriginal man from Gunditjmara who lives in Ballarat , footy clubs have always been a place for friendship and connection.

Josh's Reality Check


"When I played under 10s footy, there'd always be the quiet kid who's probably the loud one now - all because he felt included in his footy club and it's made him come out of his shell," the 20-year-old says.



I've seen kids develop friendships that will probably last a lifetime.

Josh has seen first-hand how adults who give their time to coach at sports clubs can help create an environment where young people grow and flourish - but they must really listen to young people.

While "the older generation’s voices and opinions may leave young people feeling too scared to speak up", if kids and young people are given a say, according to Josh, they'll take it.

"I think if the younger generation has the right opportunities and a good platform, they can really put their opinion forward," says Josh, who grew up in Warrnambool, lives in Ballarat and works in construction.

"We really need to hone in on the younger generation so they can have their say on what they want their future to look like."