Why did VicHealth create the Future Healthy initiative?

Evidence shows that young people (0-25) have been greatly impacted by the events that began in 2020.

The indirect effects of COVID-19 will be intergenerational, so we must support our young people now and help foster healthier outcomes for future generations.

How do we know what young people want?

Because we asked them.

All these steps helped us gather insights on how young Victorians think about issues such as eating well, being active, mental wellbeing and social connection.

Young people told us what they need:


Icon of a person reading to a child

Timely access to appropriate information and education.

Icon of person with a megaphone

Feeling empowered, represented and safe.

Icon of a paper plane

Access to opportunities and resources.

Icon of a veggie garden and trowel

Access to healthy natural environments.

Icon of a hand with coin and an apple

Being able to afford the resources and activities that support them.

Icon of a bus

Having suitable and affordable transport available.

Icon of pulsing heart in open palm

Access to health and community services that meet their needs.

Icon of laptop with wifi

Better access to technology and positive ways to use it.

Icon of person wearing facemask

Learning from the pandemic and promoting the importance of wellbeing.


Friends getting active with a walk in the park

Connecting the dots

So we're helping to shape their ideas into a reality.


Group of young people launging


Grassroots community partners bringing ideas to life.


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