Anchoring wellbeing through creativity and connection

Picture this:

  • A safe and inclusive ideation space.
  • Brightest young minds and thought-provoking creatives.
  • Conversations centred around the future of connection, arts, and wellbeing.

That's Future Reset Youth Summit for you!

group of young people laughing

We've wrapped up our Melbourne program. You can rewatch some of the Summit sessions through Melbourne's on-demand program on our virtual platform.

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  •  Huge shout to the following folks for their support in planning the summit:

    • Young people steering committee and Mary Quinsacara in Melbourne who have co-designed the Melbourne program.
    • Young people and representatives from Shepparton Arts Museum, Kaiela Arts, Point of Difference Studio and Greater Shepparton City Council who are planning and hosting Summit Day 4 in Shepparton.
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What is Future Reset?

Our latest partnership with the arts sector is moving the dial on young people’s mental wellbeing. Together, we’re enhancing mental wellbeing through art and creativity, with young people leading the charge. Because when you put art and young people together, something amazing happens – a future with unimaginable potential!

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