$45 million in investments.
3 years of action.
And countless opportunities for young Victorians to be heard.

From September 2021, Future Healthy – led by health promotion foundation VicHealth – will work with organisations right across Victoria to make a difference in local communities.

We’ll be investing in grassroots community organisations – like your local community garden, arts or sports club. Organisations who know your local areas better than anyone and know how to make change happen.

We'll also support organisations who are ready to make a big difference. This could be in a geographic area or for groups of people with similar challenges around being connected, active, or accessing food that’s good for you and the planet.


Change is made together

The whole point of Future Healthy is that we’re listening to – and working with – people who come up against more barriers to good health. Those of us on a low income, or who are living with a disability. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples or members of the LGBTIQ+ communities. People from culturally diverse backgrounds, those living in regional and rural areas or regions devastated by bushfires. 

More important than the dollars being spent and the time invested making change, Future Healthy is a collaboration. A conversation. And a community of young Victorians and their parents, telling us exactly what needs to be done to make happier, healthier living a reality for as many of us as possible.

This is your chance to make a big difference too. And we can’t wait to see what your Future Healthy looks like.

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