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Future Healthy is a collaboration. A conversation with a community of young people telling us exactly what they need to make happier, healthier living a reality for as many of us as possible.

We asked what young people need

And they told us...

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Timely access to appropriate information and education.

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Feeling empowered, represented and safe.

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Access to opportunities and resources.

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Access to healthy natural environments.

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Being able to afford the resources and activities that support them.

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Having suitable and affordable transport available.

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Access to health and community services that meet their needs.

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Better access to technology and positive ways to use it.

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Learning from the pandemic and promoting the importance of wellbeing.


In their words...

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Community Champions


We’re also working with young people and parents right across the state who are just as passionate as us about creating healthier communities.

Our Community Champions are generously sharing their stories and ideas to help shape the solutions for the future. Together, we are on a mission to support Victoria’s young people to lead healthier, happier lives.

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