Making young people's ideas a reality.

Future Healthy – led by health promotion foundation VicHealth – has invested in grassroots community organisations who know local areas better than anyone, and know how to make change happen.


Map of JumpStart! projects across Victoria

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Tell me more about these Future Healthy projects around Victoria

VicHealth has backed community-led initiatives around active play, food and art. All across the state, such as:

  • Programs that will tackle racism through safe and inclusive sport
  • Cooking classes designed to connect young people with their cultural heritage
  • Toy libraries to provide families with access to educational resources for their little ones.  

All of this and MUCH more, to support the health and wellbeing of Victoria’s young people. 

Teenage boy searching for mental health services on phone

The 'Why'

Why did VicHealth create the Future Healthy initiative?


Friends getting active with a walk in the park

What is Future Healthy?

And what does it have to do with young people?

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