More (dis)connected than ever

​​​​​It’s so easy to get caught up scrolling through our feeds. Yet...

Even if you live a healthy life, face-to-face catchups are key to staying well and happy. 

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Don't know where to start?

We've curated some ideas for your next hangout. 

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Tips to connect in real life

  1. Start small - catch up with a friend over a coffee or walk. 
  2. Be kind to yourself. Connecting face-to-face can be daunting - it’s okay to feel nervous or anxious about social events and socialising in person. You’re not alone, in fact over half of young Victorians share these feelings too.  
  3. Take a swap challenge - try swapping just 30 minutes of screen time with 30 minutes face-to-face once per week. 
  4. Be brave, take that first step - like anything in life, social connection requires work and sometimes the courage to jump out of our comfort zone. 
  5. Explore your interests - find activities, events and places where you can freely express yourselves and connect with other likeminded people.

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Photo of Zahra, a 20-year-old person (she/her) wearing a light pink hijab and mustard yellow bucket hat. Zahra is wearing a black weatherproof jacket with white zip. Zahra is pictured in front of a large lake with mountains and trees in the background.

Zahra's Reality Check

Our Community Champion Zahra has thought about her own Reality Check.

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