The mental health benefits of art

18 Apr 2023 Author: VicHealth

Art is good for our hearts and our heads. It allows us to spend meaningful time with likeminded people. And there are so many ways to express yourself. 

But don’t just take our word or it! Hear Jessi’s story:


Jessi’s story

Relationship between arts and wellbeing

There’s a pretty special relationship between the arts and our wellbeing. One that we’ve found provides a lot of positive results:

  • Art brings people together. Whether online or in person. To create art or experience it.
  • Art can help us understand our own narratives, giving us a sense of control over our own lives.
  • Art is a teacher. It gives people new skills and helps people understand things in different ways.  
  • Art enables us to nurture cultures and strengthen identities.
  • Art provides opportunities for mindfulness and release from tension and stress.

Sounds great right? As we saw in Jessi's video above, art has a hugely positive impact on our wellbeing. Plus, many young creatives feel the same, and have told us that art:

provides a language for what you want and need, and one that can be understood universally

is a medium to develop a sense of self, perspective of the world, finding solidarity with other people who have similar challenges/experiences

is a medium that equalises between generations and a way to shift power to young people as they participate in the space.

Get involved:

Not a natural creative? Us either! But don’t let that stop you...there’s something out there for everyone. And there’s so many benefits for our health and wellbeing. Including keeping us socially active.

Here’s 9 organisations offering arts programs for young people in Victoria:

Future Reset Youth Summit / My favourite form of art