Creating vibrant, active and connected communities of young people.

As of March 2023, up to 68,000 Victorian young people are set to get a JumpStart! on a healthy future.

How? Through our JumpStart! partner projects, right across the state. 

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Everything you need to know about JumpStart!

VicHealth is giving 180 local ideas a JumpStart! In creating vibrant, active and connected communities of young people, all across the state. 

With a share of more than $3.5 million, each program will do its part in building healthier communities, overflowing with sport, active play, art and food. 

That's new activities for around 68,000 children and young people across the state. There will be everything from monster-themed dance workshops, pottery and mums and bubs gymnastics, to dodgeball, snowboarding and bush tucker tastings. 

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We can’t wait to watch these programs come to life between March 2023 – March 2024. 

And it doesn’t stop there. We will work with our JumpStart! partners on capacity and resource building to provide long-term benefits to their organisations and communities. 

We’re reaching far and wide across Victoria. There’s something here for everyone. The programs may be different, but they all share the same goal. It’s all about supporting young people to reach their full health potential. 

Well go on then, let’s meet these organisations!


Why JumpStart!? 

The young people, parents and carers of Victoria have spoken. It’s their stories, experiences and insights that help us bring about healthy change for the people who need it most. Their visions for a future that is healthier and more vibrant.  

JumpStart! is for young people and their families. They shared with us a number of their ideas: 

“Of most importance is spaces and places for young people that they can create and own.” Parent 

“There’s so many more ways we can be physically active, it doesn’t have to be through “stereotypical” traditional sports!” Young person 

“We need to expose kids to different types of activities to build resilience and we need to think creatively.” Carer. 

“I’d look at what we’re lacking: what facilities we have and how we can use them appropriately to provide better options for the community and for children.” Young person 

Want to read more about our community insights? You can download the full version here

Tell me more!

JumpStart! Is a major investment in VicHealth’s Future Healthy initiative. It’s all about building vibrant communities through sport, active play, art and food. 

Together, JumpStart! will create 180 community-led initiatives for Victoria’s children and young people (aged 0-25, including families).  

But what does it look like? We asked organisations to tell us how they can support young people to: 

  • Make sport environment more welcoming and inclusive to increase participation 
  • Introduce people to social and active recreation 
  • Connect people through arts, cultural and play-based activities 
  • Learn about their local food system and encouraging connection through food 

And what do they get? A whole heap of support, because we’re in this together. We’re backing their ideas through building their skills. We’ll connect them with like-minded leaders, share insights across communities and be sure they have the resources to make their project the best it can possibly be. 

Across 2022 and early 2023, we’re so proud to have funded more than 300 JumpStart! programs across the state, each with a share of just over $7.25 million. 

What is Future Healthy?

We have a vision of a Victoria where no young person is denied a future that is healthy.

We see a future with vibrant communities, where young people are connected, active, enjoy wholesome food and feel great. A future inspired by, shaped by and shared by the people of Victoria.

Future Healthy is an investment of $45 million over 3 years. Partnering with local communities with locally led solutions right across the state, elevating the voices and experiences of Victoria’s young people to create a healthier future.

Future Healthy will:

  • Create neighbourhoods and spaces where people feel safe, welcome and confident to be active
  • Improve access to healthy, sustainable, affordable and culturally appropriate food
  • Build meaningful social connections and inclusive environments

Most importantly, Future Healthy will engage with young people and their parents and carers every step of the way, so they can share their lived experiences, and help to inform and shape solutions.

This vision is only possible with collaboration and contribution from organisations like yours and from communities across Victoria. Together we have a chance to make a big difference.

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