Photo of Zahra, a 20-year-old person (she/her) wearing a light pink hijab and mustard yellow bucket hat. Zahra is wearing a black weatherproof jacket with white zip. Zahra is pictured in front of a large lake with mountains and trees in the background.


Media Studies
A healthy future is one where people can have safe spaces to express themselves and connect with others in healthy ways.

Zahra was super excited about moving to Australia and to new adventures when she was 15, but realises now she didn't understand how much change this meant.

She wasn't prepared for "the isolation and cultural shock", but found the art room at school was a comfort zone where she could express herself and create meaningful relationships. 

"It led me to being more open with myself and being more excited to share my thoughts and visions with people" says Zahra, who's studying media.

Zahra's Reality Check

She'd like programs that tap into things young people authentically love, and give them a place to bond, share and listen.

"Where I'm living it's hard for us to find activities we can feel engaged in," she says.

"If the community had a better understanding of the trends or popular public things that young people are into, they'd understand what we're going through, what our interests are and where our passions lie."

"So what I'd love to see is our community having festivals. Let's have hotpot together. Let's come together and share our cultures and experiences!"